Best Microneedling Pen

Every girl's dream is to get a perfect acne-free and firm skin, but with our busy life and hectic schedule, it becomes impossible for one to spend hours at a spa.  Taking care of skin is as important as taking care of health, so one should not ignore it. Therefore, an effortless way to make your skin smooth and glowing is through microneedling pen.

These pens act as a great rescuer for those who don't have much time to take care of their skin. These pens exfoliate your skin, remove the dead cells and make your skin look soft, smooth, glowing, and young.

Big news:

Other than removing dead cells, these pens are able to reduce wrinkles, stretch marks, acne spots, and scars, giving you a fresh, beautiful look. These pens come with tiny needles that prick the skin and boost the collagen production below the epidermis to provide you with perfectly toned and firm skin. Moreover, now you don't have to rely on a dermatologist to treat your skin because these pens are easy and simple to use at home.

Therefore, for your assistance, I have gathered up the best microneedling pens that will add more charm to your beauty. So, if you want to know more about these microneedling pens, read this guide till the end. Let's get started.

Best Microneedling Pen: Top Performers

It is hard to choose a product when you have got a lot of options out there. But don't worry, I am here to help you. I have picked the three best microneedling pens for you. Their features, qualities, and specialties make them stand out in the market. Have a look at them.

TBPHP P10 Microneedling Derma Pen

TBPHP P20 Microneedling Derma pen

TBPHP Pen 1 Microneedling Derma Pen

  1. TBPHP P10

The TBPHP P10 microneedling pen features a smart and sleek design that allows you to adjust the length of the pen between 0 to 2 mm.  The pen comes with five different speeds, giving you full control over your skin. Moreover, this feature maximizes the skin's capacity to absorb nutrients and serum by 400%.  Also, the skin will become more firm, soft and younger.

The adjustable length and speed make the TBPHP P10 more portable and flexible for microneedling at any area at any time. This pen removes acne, scares fine lines, and rejuvenates the skin with unmatched efficiency. One of the features that make this pen stand out in the market is its ability to reduce hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and dark patches by increasing collagen and elastin production in the epidermis.

In addition to this, if you have hair loss issues, then this Derma pen is the perfect fit for you. It prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth by enhancing collagen production in the scalp. Therefore, besides giving you youthful, vibrant skin, this microneedling pen can give you strong, healthy hair.

What's the catch?

The TBPHP P10 is a wireless device and comes with a chargeable built-in battery that means there is no hassle of wires, and you can use the pen anytime at your convenience.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Has a maximum speed of 18,000 RPM
  • Needle length can be adjusted


  • Does not contain a speed display screen

2.      TBPHP P20

When it comes to exfoliating the skin efficiently, there is no better option than the TBPHP P20 microneedling pen because this pen comes with replaceable needle cartridges. Such as you get ten nanoneedles, ten cartridges with 12 pins, and ten cartridges with 36 pins. These cartridges shrink the pores, exfoliates the skin, and improves the skin's condition with full efficacy.

Beyond that

The TBPHP P20 is perfect for various body parts such as the forehead, head, neck, nose, chin, and scalp. So, it means that besides your face, this pen helps you improve other body parts also, allowing you to attain the ultimate standards of beauty. Moreover, with this microneedling pen, anti-aging is no longer an issue because new growth factors, vital nutrients, and oxygen are released into the skin to stimulate blood circulation and skin elasticity.

The five adjustable speed levels and LCD screen allow you to choose and monitor the needle speed according to your skin type. Furthermore, this Derma pen enables you to adjust the needle depth between 0 – 2 mm, giving you more control over the device.

The best part?

The feature that makes the TBPHP P20 different from its competitors is its LED therapy. It includes two LED therapy lights – one is LED red light, and the other is LED blue light. The former builds up collagen, protein, and elastin in the skin, while the latter increases the absorption of vital serums, tightens the skin, and removes acne scars and spots.


  • Has a non-slip design
  • Has a rechargeable battery with a 4-hour battery life
  • Has LED therapy

3.      TBPHP Pen 1

The TBPHP microneedling pen is one of the easiest and convenient pens to use. With its one-click operation, beginners can quickly become proficient at using this device. The pen offers you to adjust the length of the needle from 0.25mm-2.00mm and, with the built-in spring, moves the needle up and down to rejuvenate and soften the skin. Also, the spring feature reduces skin irritation.

Through the vertical penetration and multiple microneedling stamping, the five beauty modes of this pen repair acne spots to 50% and increase skin's absorbing capacity 40 times. Besides these features, the TBPHP microneedling pen makes your skin look more young and soft like a baby by stimulating and speeding up collagen growth in the skin cells.

This microneedling pen can also enhance hair growth by promoting the growth of vital proteins in the scalp.

What makes this so special?

One of the features that we appreciate about this device is that if you buy this pen, you will never have to undergo laser treatments because it provides the same result as laser treatment, IPL, and chemical stripping. By exfoliating and removing dead cells, this pen makes your skin more glowing and smooth.


  • Easy to operate
  • Is cost-effective
  • Well built and long-lasting


  • Does not have a speed display screen

Wrap Up

Well, I hope that my guide helped you pick the right product for you. A microneedling pen is a must-have tool to treat and improve your skin in an effective way. They are reliable and affordable than a dermatologist. Therefore baby girl, what are you waiting for your go and grab this pen to enhance your looks.