TBPHP MicroNeedling Pen Reviews

Do you want a complete solution to your skin problems? Or are you thinking of making your complexion better by regenerating the dead cells of your skin?

Here is the good news!

TBPHP micro-needling pen offers a complete and permanent solution to your skin problems. And the best part is that it prevents anti-aging as well.

Everyone is stuck in his/her day-to-day hectic routine. Not everyone can visit spas daily. Besides, we don't bother to take care of our skin as we have ample tasks to do. But we must consider our skin health as important as our food.

After all, the skin needs the ultimate care and protection of our whole body.

Therefore, TBPHP Microneedling is the all-time solution to freshen up our skin. It also helps in balancing our skin tone and texture. Our skin produces new tissues as well. It diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, face spots, and acne also. It is also helpful in reducing or eliminating stretch marks from our bodies.

So are you excited to know about the best TBPHP Microneedling Pens? If so, don't worry; I'm going to review the best picks below. After comprehensive research, I've got my hands on the top three TBPHP Microneedling pens to answer all your skin problems.

Tips to Choose Best TBPHP Micro Needling Pen

You must consider the following things while selecting a good TBPHP Micro Needling pen at your disposal.

●     Contemplate on Your Skin Problems

While choosing the best solution for your face or body skin, you must reflect on the major skin issues with which you are dealing—for instance, acne scars, age spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, etc.

●     Filter Out the Features

Here you go, now you should decide between which TBPHP pen is the best fit for your face and skin rejuvenation. What are the different features of different TBPHP pens?

●     Weigh up Your Budget

Another tip is to check your budget criteria before picking a worthy TBPHP Microneedling pen. I bet you that it'll solve all your concerns.

Why Go For TBPHP Microneedling Pen?

The most amazing thing about the TBPHP Microneedling pen is that it is safe and easy to use. It does not create any harm to our skin. It does not create any kind of infection, bruising or other complications. The other remarkable feature is that these pens come with inherent charging, and you can carry them with you wherever you want.

An Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best TBPHP Microneedling Pen

If you're striving hard to select the best TBPHP Microneedling pen, the guide below will help you get rid of your concerns.

●     Safety

Safety is a must. You must make sure that the Microneedling pen is safe or not. Whether it is applied to sensitive skin or not. Besides, make sure about its suitability for all skin types.

●     Convenience

How much application time is the pen offering? Or is it chargeable, or can it be used only one time? These are some factors you must consider.

●     Needle Length

Needle length is also an essential factor. The needle length should be selected according to the skin problem or skin type.

●     Depth of Penetration

The penetration depth also consists of your skin issue and skin area; as for the face, skin derma pens offer a perfect penetration depth.

●     Speed levels

If you want to use a derma Microneedling pen for your skin or face, you must choose a TBPHP pen with 8000 working speeds.

Top-Rated TBPHP Microneedling Pens in 2021

If you're not happy about your current skin condition or are done with wrinkles or fine lines, the following products will remove your distress for sure.

1.  TBPHP P10

This electric pen with a beautiful design offers a home and itself treatment to your skin issues. It is ranked as one of the finest TBPHP P10 Microneedling pens among users due to its suitability for fine lines. TBPHP P10 also works on skin absorption, such as skin tightening, rejuvenating the skin as well. This is also working well for hyperpigmentation spots.

Here's Another Surprise for You!

Additionally, it comes with an adjustable length according to your skin requirement. TBPHP P10 also reduces your eye bags. It performs the job in high quality.


  • Safety
  • Built-in charger
  • Speed regulator
  • Adjustable length

2.  TBPHP P20

TBPHP P20 Microneedling pen offers a solution to skin scars. It is specially designed to deal with skin scars, burn scars, pigmentation, and anti-aging. It is a better choice for skin exfoliating as it does wonders to your skin. You will see a fantastic improvement in your skin after one day of usage.

Do You Know?

The great thing is that it works like laser therapy; now, you don't have to worry about your skin issue as this is your finest skin assistance. The LED light in the device helps to tighten the skin and rejuvenates as well. In addition to this, it comes with two modes of LED light, blue and red. The blue light makes your skin appear tight, diminishes acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and so on. The red light increases collagen and refreshes up the skin.


  • Harmless and suitable
  • LCD screen
  • Laser therapy
  • Speed Precision

3.  TBPHP Pen 1

Last but not least, TBPHP Pen 1 seems like the most appropriate option for improving your skin condition within days. Vertically pierced needles are integrated into it to enhance your skin's absorption ability, thereby increasing the penetration of collagen.

What Makes it Demanding Among All?

If you're a beginner and don't know about the care routine of your skin, it helps you out with the one-click easy operation. Remarkable skin regeneration is offered through the availability of five beauty modes. Moreover, the additional 8000 to 16000 RPM helps to repair the acne and scars.


  • The adjustability of needle length
  • Various beauty modes
  • Enhances skin absorption ability
  • An easy method of operation

Comparison Compendium

To help you choose and recognize, the TBPHP Microneedling pens guide has been created below:

Device Features
Disposable Cartridges check check check

Travel Size

check check check
RPM Max 8,000-16,000


Adjustable Needle Length check check check
Chargeable Built-in Battery check check
Wireless check check
Speed Display Screen check
LED Therapy check
Made by aluminium alloy check check
Commonly used for
Fine Lines check check check
Collagen Production check check check
Hyperpigmentation / Discolouration check check check
Stretch Marks check check check
Acne Scarring check check check
Tightening check check check
Product Absorption check check check
Hair Loss / Alopecia check check check

Final Verdict:

Microneedling TBPHP is a great device that works magic to freshen up and rejuvenate your skin. It destroys the dead cells and helps in growing new cells. It diminishes hyperpigmentation, all kinds of scars and exfoliates the skin of the face, body, and scalp.

So aren't you excited to get glowing and young skin regardless of your age? If so, go through the list above and get your hands on the best product!